There are new developments to suit every type of buyer from those who want a permanent or second home for entirely their own use, to those who will only want to use it a couple of weeks a year and need some income from it, as well as properties that are specifically for investors.


New Built Developments in London

Developments are available all over London and there are apartments, houses on offer as well as the occasional conversion of houses.


New Homes: Leaseback Purchases

As well as properties to suit those who want full use of their purchase, there is leaseback purchase. This means that you buy the property and are the freeholder of that property and then give a lease to our management Company for a fixed amount of years.


Our management company pays you a fixed rent for this period and in many cases will also offer you several weeks use of your property each year. This suits people who have limited holidays as in this way they get their holiday home and a guaranteed rental for when they can't use it.


However, if you just want an investment there are other developments offering full year's fixed rentals. The choice is yours. Our management company has to return the property in the same condition as received at the end of the rental period.


New Houses: Long Term Guaranteed Rental

There is also guaranteed rental - in this case you buy the property and are the freeholder and then give the property to us on a full time basis - we will rent it for you normally to someone who makes the property their main home and guarantee a rent and that you will receive every month.


If you require the property back you must give us 6 months notice prior to the end of each year period. Properties where this is offered are normally in central London or close by where there is a demand for long term rentals and usually only a small proportion of the development is rented out in this way, so the price of the properties will keep pace with the normal prices in the area, giving you greater potential for capital growth.


New Homes: Investment Properties

A third investment possibility has just been released which is ideal for those who no longer trust in pension plans and would rather put their money into property, but at the same time have no need of a second home at present.


For more information, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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