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International Investors

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the main hubs of international finance, and with its AAA credit rating, London is a world class city with a multicultural population of over 8.4 million people. it has always been a magnet for foreign investment. Peaksons is a complete service provider for our international clients, looking for sound and secure investments in the UK. We many satisfied clients from China, Russia, India, Malaysia, Middle East, West Africa and East Africa.

We advise foreign buyers from over paying or buying the wrong type of property or the wrong location. These errors can ultimately be expensive mistakes for foreign buyers. Peaksons Properties understands the local market and has access to all new and “off market” listings that may be suitable for you. We can show you the areas that have the capital growth, investment yields as well as best lifestyle, private schools, entertainment, sporting facilities and other key features.

Peaksons bespoke service provides:

  • Bespoke buying service for Investor and International Clients
  • Attractive Investments – Residential and Commercial with excellent returns
  • Safe Investments – with Excellent Legal Protection and Privacy for Clients
  • Finance – Mortgages and Loans
  • Trust and SPV (special Purpose vehicle)
  • Tax Structured property Investments
  • Fully Managed Property Assets

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London Sales and Rental Property Services

Peaksons range of bespoke London Sales and Rental Property Services facilitate entrepreneurs, investors and companies who are setting up a business, investing in a business or expanding an overseas business in the UK. Each client is an individual and our services are personalised to each applicant needs.

With parties in different jurisdictions, the buying of property can be both a very stressful, expensive and time consuming experience for the overseas investors. Therefore, in order to ease this problem, we are offering a one stop service, targeted at both Investors and entrepreneurs. You can place your trust in us to handle your property requirements with the due care and diligence that your valuable investment deserves.

There are many advantages for investing in UK real estate and Peaksons is committed to providing a full range Relocation Services London that would make setting up a business or investment in the UK as simple and stress-free as possible.

The Advantages of investing in United Kingdom property


Britain has the world’s largest international flow of capital: London is recognised as a global financial centre with a high and safe rate of return on investment.


The property market in Britain welcomes overseas buyers who then have the right to resell the properties that they purchase. The UK tax rate is also flexible for international buyers, and, in most cases, capital gains tax does not have to be paid.


There are a wide range of rigid planning permissions and building regulations that need to be obtained prior to planning or building a new development of properties in the UK. This inevitably leads to a relatively small number of new property developments being built in London. There will always be and always has been a high demand and low supply of property in London.


According to the latest Census figures, London’s population is estimated to increase to at least 41 million people in 2016. Compared to this, the number of new residential property development projects is relatively small. This demonstrates a higher demand for property which is yet to be constructed; a strong demand is always an indication of a sound and healthy investment;

  • The investment is made in a hugely politically stable and developed country.
  • The UK Legal system protects investor’s assets regardless of their origin;
  • It is convenient for overseas investors to control, develop and expand their business from abroad;
  • There is a realistic prospect of retiring in the UK some time in the future.


The interest rate on residential and commercial mortgages in the UK is relatively low when compared with that of other countries. This attracts a large number of overseas investors to the UK.


London is one of the main international hubs of finance and investment in the world. Accordingly, the demand for properties in both the private and corporate rental market steadily increases every year. In addition, the lack of new developments due to rigid planning and building legislation on building and planning means that there is less supply and more demand for real estate in the UK. (As the population continues to grow, more and more people plan to work and live in London, making the demand for a long-term lease higher than ever before.)


  • The UK has a world renowned education system;
  • It is safe and convenient for the investor’s children to study and live.
  • An investment in the UK will be secure and protected.

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Our Process


The first step is to arrange a meeting in our office located most convenient for you to discuss your personal requirements and our service to suit you. During this meeting, we will create a focused brief detailing all of your requirements including budget and preferred locations, as well as other criteria such as desired school catchment areas, lifestyle and architectural preferences. We will advice you on current market conditions and if you are looking for an investment property, we will research to ascertain what rental yields are possible and which areas are most stable and offer the best capital growth. If you are unsure on which areas to commence searching in, we can advise and suggest areas that would best suit you and your budget.


Based on our initial meeting advice, we define your requirements and carry out proactive property search for six months. We write to you area reports for location advisory, and viewing all available properties which on the open market via local estate agents, property developers, private contacts, direct sellers, auction, and bank repossessed properties etc. we will compile a shortlist of those that best meet your requirements and enable you to view full property details along with photographs, floor plans and location maps of each selected property. You will receive our stage reports on regular bases, and market trend news.


Once you have found the property you like, and would like to make an offer to purchase. We will carry out Home buyers report survey or Home Assessment to make sure the value and condition of the property are suitable and reasonable for you to bid. These could give you peace of mind, and avoid potential of huge repairing costs after completion purchase.


Once you reviewed the shortlist and have decided which properties you would like to view, we will arrange accompanied viewings at your earliest convenience and advice you on the pros and cons of each property. Once you preferred date is scheduled, we will organise you and your family visa application, accommodation, transportation property viewings, area tour and extra sightseeing plan etc. we will base on your needs, tailor made your property viewing trip with our local expert. By really getting to grips with your requirements, and only recommending properties which meet your needs, your involvement in the search process is kept to a minimum, whilst we do the legwork for you. With our help which enable you to make the right choice.


Once we have seen the property of your choice, we will act on your behalf to conduct all the negotiations in order to secure the property at the best possible price. This is where our experience and knowledge really benefits you. In most cases we can negotiate enough money off the asking price to more than cover our fees.


Facing various taxation issues, we will be able to tailor made a solution, which only works for you base on your investment projection. We are not only thinking of what you are thinking, we assist you on your cash flow calculation, investment appraisal, and most importantly saving from income tax and capital gain tax when you making profit from your property or resale it.


Our associated solicitors and mortgage brokers are all have more than 15 years industrial experience, and would be able to provide bespoke service in a high professional manner. They will also work on your behalf to achieve the best legal and financial advice you need.


Once you offer has been accepted and the sale has been agreed, we will liaise with all parties on your behalf, including estate agents, private owners, solicitors, financial advisors and surveyors. We will handle any problems that may arise along the way and ensure a smooth and speedy completion or move in. We will also available for property related advice, such as decoration, design, planning permission, rental, taxation, buy to let etc. with our expertise, property market survey knowledge, you can feel rest assured that you are in safe hands.


Our job is not finished once you have successfully exchanged contracts. We will be able to recommend and arrange for removal and storage companies to deal with the packing and moving of your possessions, as well as arranging for change of address cards to be sent out.


As most people are aware, once your property is let, the work does not stop there. Today’s rental market can be quite demanding on a Landlord’s time. Attending to the various routine and spontaneous duties of a landlord can become a very difficult task to carry out when the investor is living abroad. It is due to this reason that a lot of potential overseas investors are put off from investing in UK real estate. However, Peaksons has found the solution to this problem. By offering a round-the-clock service, whether it is a malfunctioning fridge or a leaking shower, you can be sure that your tenant will be given a swift repair, in return, giving you, peace of mind.

You will also want to avoid tenants using the Landlord and Tenants Act 1985 and withholding rent due to delayed repairs. Our clients value our asset management service because we let their property to the most reliable tenants that we can find through the best estate agents. We also regularly visit the property to monitor its condition and use and make sure that your rent – essentially the return on your investment reaches your account on time. If you are an overseas landlord, we will also look after your rental cash flow and ensure that your income tax is exempted properly each year with the HMRC.


  • Property viewing and finding you the best choice of tenant;
  • Full reference checks on the new tenant and their ability to afford the rent;
  • Arrangement of safety regulations checks on your behalf;
  • Drawing up of UK letting tenancy agreements;
  • Accurate registering of the tenancy security deposit;
  • Arranging check in/check-out for the move;
  • Receiving rent from your tenant and paying it securely to you;
  • Inspecting your property on a regular basis;
  • Arranging emergency repairs 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • Applying for a rental income tax exemption for overseas landlords;
  • Assisting you, the landlord, with your annual tax return and rental income calculation;
  • Organising a professional cleaning service;
  • Organising additional legal expenses cover.

We will always tailor our advice and service to suit your personal requirements and individual circumstances. We take pride in tailoring our service each time to fit the needs of each individual client and their unique situation. This makes us certain, that our full and tailored service will give you complete security and peace of mind in relation to your purchase/investment.

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Asset Management

We are offering a unique one-stop, full service boutique-style advisory structure to manage your investment from start to finish. We offer sophisticated and disciplined investment processes and strong risk management expertise – all in one place.

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